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1. The online shop is the property of:

FICORI Trade and Service Company
Paweł Maślarz
Przyczyna Dolna 41, 67-400 Wschowa
TIN: 497-005-01-18

2. Shop conducts mail order sales of clothing. All of the products offered by the shop are new.

3. Making a purchase means accepting the terms of use.

4. Colours on the photos can be different from reality. It the result of different types of monitors that are used to view the photos.

5. With prior agreement with the shop owner, it is possible to order a dress made with a chosen material available in the shop, but in a different model than currently available. For example you can order HAPPY APPLE ,but made with material that CRAZY PUMPKIN is made of. The condition of such an order is the consent of the buyer that a dress made in this fashion cannot be exchanged.


6.  Orders are accepted via the website. Orders by phone are also acceptable under the number 500041468.

7. In addition to the price shown next to the product there is also an added shipment price, which we select while placing the order.

8. An order is considered to be paid when payment is sent to the account of the shop owner. 

9. A product that has been paid for is send out within 3 working days, counting from the date of booking the payment.

10. It is possible to personally pick up an order at the company headquarters. Shipment is free for orders above 500 PLN.

11. Payments can be made by bank transfer:
Ficori PHU Paweł Maślarz
Przyczyna Dolna 41, 67-400 Wschowa
54 1910 1048 2411 0000 1074 0001
please specify the order numer in the transfer title
or through a PayPal account or by paying through PayU.
12. In the event of an inability to realize the order or a part of it within the time originally specified on the store page, the customer will be immiediatly informed of the situation and be given a new deadline for completing the order.
13. In case of a situation where the seller cannot realize the order due to the fact that the goods are unavalible, immiediatly, but at least within 3 days after the conclusion of the contract, he will notify the customer of this and refund the entire amount of money recieved. The seller can propose to extend the deadline for completing the order only with the customer’s consent.
14. The cusomer will be issued a VAT invoice in the event of a declaration made in the order form and in a situation where the customer will present all the necessary data required for making a VAT invoice..

15. In the event of a complaint regarding damaged goods, they will, if possible, be replaced with the same, free from defects. If the inventory won’t allow this, the store will return the customer the equivalent of the price of the product, or will offer available goods.
16. Differences in color between the photo and the original are not subject to complaints.
16. In the event of incorrect order processing the seller covers the cost of shipping the returned goods.
17. The customer has the right to return the purchased goods without giving a reason within 10 days. The basis for withdrawing from the contract without giving a reason is submitting a relevant statement in writing within ten days from the date of delivery. Returned goods should be unused, have the original packaging and undamaged labels. The refund will be made within 14 days to the account indicated by the Customer after the store receives the parcel with the returned goods. Returns are made at the buyer’s expense.

18. By registering on the website, the customer agrees to the placing of personal data in the database and its’ processing for the purposes of realizing purchase orders.
19. Personal data is protected in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. “On the protection of personal data” (Journal of Laws 1997 No. 133, item 883) in a manner preventing access by third parties. In accordance with this Act, the customer has the right to inspect their data, modify or delete it. Lack of consent to the processing of personal data prevents the order from being processed.

FICORI Trade and Service Company Paweł Maślarz, Przyczyna Dolna 41, 67-400 Wschowa, TIN: 497-005-01-18
TEL.: 500041468 Karolina Maślarz