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Happy Apple Boho Vibes


HAPPY APPLE PEAR is a model of a comfortable dress made from knitted fabric in the shape of a bauble. The dress is cut under the bust and has pockets.

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Front length:  88 cm (S) – 89 cm (M/L)

Back length: 94 cm (S) – 95 cm (M/L)

Sleeves: 39 cm (S) – 40 cm (M/L) measured from the armpit

Bust: 43cm x 2 (S) – 50 cm x 2 (M/L)

At its’ widest, on the sides : 62 cm (S) – 70 cm (M/L)

Dimensions given without stretching.

Our dresses are most of all meant to be comfortable and at the same time attract attention. We should feel loose and free in them.

Dresses are made of knitted fabric (basis gramatura 220).

Composition: 95% cotton and 5% lycra or elastane.

The knitwear stretches.

Estimated delivery wait time up to 6 business days.



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